New to Singapore -HEALTHY DOGMA™ direct from USA by WOOFALICIOUS. 

Healthy Dogma is a family owned and operated business. They are always the only ones in control of their products, with no investors or stockholders to report to, which ensures consistency and quality for you. It’s no secret that people treat their pets as family. And what family member doesn’t deserve love and a little something special?  Only natural ingredients (and never any additives or fillers) are used in the Michigan assembled biscuits with USA sourced ingredients to ensure optimum quality, nutrition and taste. The treats are formed with the same care and attention customers give their own pets. Not only have pets struggling with serious illness gained additional months or years of life, but pets with common issues like hot spots, poor digestion, excessive weight, allergies, arthritis and more have been helped by Healthy Dogma all-natural food, supplements and treats.  

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