Bags On Board Dog Poop Bags -Strong, Leak Proof Dog Waste Bags , 600 Blue Bags Comes with a red fire hydrant dispenser

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  • WON’T GET FUNKY - Antibacterial coated bags to inhibit the growth of odor causing bacteria. Your nostrils will thank you, and they’re way less gross than using your bare hands.
  • AMPLE ROOM FOR THE BOOM - The larger size of these waste pickup bags (9 by 14 inches) makes for a roomy container that can accommodate even a large dog’s droppings, while still easy to tie up.
  • MORE IN STORE - These handsome blue rolls of poop bags come in a convenient, space-efficient box for ease of storage and dispensing.
  • 40 rolls of 15 bags each.
  • LET THE POOP TIMES ROLL - Comes with a red fire hydrant dispenser and 600 waste pickup bags for an extended supply of dog poop pick-up pouches.
  • HANDS-FREE HAULIN’ - You also receive a Dookie Dock, our hands-free bag holder. Tie up a full bag, attach it to the Dookie Dock, and walk your dog with the confidence of a person who’s not holding a bag of poop!