Dog Poop Bags and Dispenser | Strong, Leak Proof Dog Waste Bags, by Bags on Board ,Triple Berry Scent, 9 x14 Inches, 900 Waste Pickup Bags

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  • SIMPLE AND ERGONOMIC - Bags on Board Dog Poop Bags are a proven solution for dog poop removal, containment, and disposal. Fewer moving parts than a complicated scooper, and way less gross than using your bare hands.
  • FRAGRANTLY TERRIFIC - These dog waste pickup bags come with Stinky Stop’R, a unique odor eliminating technology that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria. They are also sweetened with our Triple Berry Scent to further mask unpleasant odors.
  • FILL THEM UP - The larger size of these waste pickup bags (9 by 14 inches) make them easy to tie up, even when they contain a larger dog’s droppings. Strong, durable, and leak-proof!
  • MORE IN STORE - These red and purple poop bags come in a convenient, space-efficient box for ease of storage and dispensing.
  • LET THE POOP TIMES ROLL - Comes with a teal cushy dispenser and 900 waste pickup bags for an extended supply of dog poop clean-up receptacles. You also receive a Dookie Dock, our hands-free bag holder!