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Discover Another Way to Spoil Your Pup


As a dog owner, you’ve likely noticed just how many products have hit the market over the last decade that are devoted to helping you pamper your pooch. From luxury doggie beds to gourmet dog food, it’s easier than ever to give your dog the good life.


 With the hot weather in Singapore though, you might be wondering what else you can do to keep your pup feeling good year-round. Sure, you can give them plenty of water. You can even put ice in that rhinestone-bedazzled water bowl. But there’s one thing every pup is guaranteed to love…ice cream!


Puppycake is a line of dog treats – including ice cream – that are safe, natural, and healthy. They’re lactose-free and grain-free too. You can bake cakes for your dogs with the cake mixes or dish up some ice cream. Why not even top off your Puppycake WITH Puppyscoops?


In the US where Puppycake originates, the trend is huge. Dog owners are flocking to it because it provides a unique way to spoil their pets while giving them a healthier option. If you look at the ingredients listed on some of the other brands of treat items available, you might not like what you see.


After all, if you’re checking the food labels for yourself and trying to mind what you eat, why serve something you can’t pronounce to your dog? These treats are perfectly safe and completely delicious. For a doggie birthday, nothing could be better than baking him a Puppycake cake to show him he’s a good boy. They come in flavors like peanut butter, pumpkin, red velvetcarob, and banana. Plus there are cookie treats you can make too.


With the ultra-hot and humid weather here though, your pup will love Puppyscoops to cool down with. This ice cream for dogs comes in tasty flavors that include maple bacon, vanilla, and peanut butter, to name a few. For an even healthier version, choose Smartscoops which uses goat’s milk instead.


You don’t need to wait for your dog’s birthday to treat them to something deliciously special. On a hot day, serving them a scoop of Puppyscoops will get their tail wagging. And you’ll feel good too because you’ll know exactly what you’re serving your dog.


You can’t stop them from eating dirt at the park or tasting a bug, but you can give them better nutrition at home by making smart choices with what you serve. Because this product is from America, it has to go through incredible safety standards, making it a choice that will bring you as much peace of mind as it brings your dog pleasure. Isn’t it time you gave your dog the very best?

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